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To make a futile attempt at quenching the world's thirst for Friends spoilers, here is yet another installment. A tipster just sent this one, supposedly straight from a PA on the maybe he or she might have missed something while fetching an In N Out burger for David Arquette. It seems to corroborate some of the Popbitch tips.

Click below to read...but we warn you, it contains graphic descriptions of Chandler getting his salad tossed by Janice. Okay, maybe not.

This is the dish from a PA who was supposedly there: The show opens up with Joey and Phoebe in Monica and Chandlers apartment packing up the couples belongings for them so they can move to the suburbs. Meanwhile Ross and Rachel are at Ross's apartment— kissing up a storm. While all of this is going on Monica and Chandler are at the hospital getting ready to adopt a baby.

Chandler is carrying around an enormous bouquet of flowers, and frantically going from room to room in search for the correct birth mother. But all he sees and hears are women moaning in various stages of delivery. When one of the women he comes across is at quite a vocal stage in the delivery and intimidated Chandler gives up his quest and tells the woman "These are for you"

The scene then cuts back to Ross and Rachel who are in the lovemaking session afterglow when Rachel realises she has to leave for her flight to Paris. Ross is visibly heartbroken.

Back at Monica and Chandlers apartment the atmosphere is still upbeat. Joey shows Phoebe a housewarming present he brought for Monica and Chandler.- A baby chick and a baby duck.

At the hospital emergency room a joyous Monica and Chandler watch the birth of their son. Then they get a great suprise when another baby follows... a baby girl. Monica and Chandler have twins! Chandler stares dumbfounded at the birth mother who stammers "They mentioned two heartbeats, but I thought they mean me and the baby" At first Chandler feels overwhelmed, but his heart melts as he holds his little girl and stares into her eyes. As the couple arrive back at the apartment with the babies, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Pheobe and her newlywed husband Mike are all waiting. Everyone is blown away when they walk in with not just the one baby but both babies. But the excitement is short lived as Rachel rushes off to make her plane for Paris. The first part of the finale sees Ross heading out the door in pursuit of Rachel.

Part II

Part Two of the Finale begins with Phoebe driving Ross to the airport in a taxicab. Meanwhile Joey is also frantic, for a far different reason. The baby chick and duck he was planning to give To Monica and Chandler are missing. As a crazed Joey searches for them, Ross and Phoebe arrive at JFK Airport to intercept Rachel. But they can't get into the boarding area without tickets. Quickly calculating that the cheapest tickets they can buy are a flight for Ithica, Riss buys the tickets and makes a mad dash into the passenger terminal area. Meanwhile Rachel realises she has mislaid her boarding pass. The tension builds as the scene cuts back and forth to Ross racing to reach Rachel in time and Rachel searcing desperately for her boarding pass. Finally a relieved Rachel finds her boarding pass and heads up the walkway.

A frantic Ross is still unable to Find Rachel, but miles away Joey has some good news, he located the missing chick and duckling after breaking his treasured foosball table and finding them inside. By now Ross is panicking and he calls Monica to make sure of Rachels flight plans. He gets a shocking reply. Rachels plane is not leaving from JFK but from Newark airport— 30 miles away. Phoebe and Ross race for Newark airport and Phoebe calls Rachels cell phone and attempts to stall her by saying that she has a psychic feeling that theres a malfunctioning part on the plane. Rachel remains calm but laughingly tells a business man seated next to her that there is a malfunction on the plane. He panics and starts a stampede that empties the plane. Just as passengers are permitted to reboard, Ross runs up to the gate screaming " Rachel I love you! Don't leave me! " But Rachel chides Ross by saying " This is so us, How many times have we done this ? " Rachel turns around to board the plane, leaving Ross standing alone and heartbroken once again.

Phoebe tries to comfort him but hes inconsoluble and returns home alone. Distraught Ross absent mindedly punches his answering machine and in a touching moment Rachels voice is hear and she says " I love you too Ross " He also hears her yell at the air stewardess " I want off this plane!!" While the stewardess yells back " It's too late were taking off. Please sit down! " Ross is now in more despair

But suddenly his door flies open and Rachel is standing there with her arms stretched out.

Ross gets down on one Knee and asks "Will You be my fourth wife?" Rachel stares at him crying him and then says "Yes, and I'll be better than your third wife " Unaware of the reunion, the friends are gathered one last time at Monica and Chandlers apartment. Phoebe who had been telling the group the sad news of the airport break up, is stunned when Rachel and Ross walk in hand in hand. She quips "Well that was better than my ending"

An equally upbeat Joey who's been told by Chandler to keep the chick and the duck as a symbol of there great friendship muses that he may get a goose to go along with them.

Pheobe and Mike smitten with Chandler and Monica's babies, point to there own future as a family. He suggests to Pheobe "Maybe we can get one of those too"

Set in their new lives the gang retreats for one more round at Central Perk, to reminisce, discuss the future and bask in the wonderful warmth of being friends.