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Popbitch presents a couple of spoilers that our spy didn't have. Just because we don't want to potentially ruin the fun of the 50 million viewers who will tune in to make peace with the end of the one thing that's given Gen X'ers lives some meaning, they're listed after the jump. (The plot points we didn't already reveal are in bold.)

A quick guide to rumours circulating about
the end of Friends tonight:

* The girl who is giving her baby to Chandler
and Monica gives birth to twins.
* Ross and Rachel have sex: Ross thinks they're
back together but Rachel says it's a great way
for them to finish as she heads off to Paris
* Phoebe drives Ross to the airport in her cab
to win Rachel back but it's too late.
* Ross returns home and hears Rachel on his
answermachine saying "I love you too, Ross." He
hears her yell at the air hostess "I want off
this plane" and the stewardess saying "It's
too late we're taking off."
* But then Rachel walks in - Ross proposes.
She accepts.
* Joey gets to keep the chick and the duck.