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The Smoking Gun has a stack of FCC complaints filed against Oprah Winfrey for her infamous March "salad tossing" show, in which a frank discussion of teenage sexuality lead to a graphic description of licking assholes. Many of the complaints were apparently the work of irate Howard Stern fans, who has been repeatedly fined for often less graphic shenanigans.

We wholeheartedly stand behind these retaliatory FCC complaints. If Stern can't talk about tossing salads [Ed. note—Licking assholes] without being fined, then Oprah certainly shouldn't be able to talking about licking assholes [Ed.note—A practice also frequently referred to as "salad tossing"] without penalty. One law governing the on-air discussion of asshole licking for us all.

Loyal, longtime Defamer readers can be assured we will keep your salads freshly tossed as this story develops. And while we're at it, here's a link to our favorite complaint letter.