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All of the filthy details of a former Friends writers' assistant sexual harassment lawsuit against the show's writers came out a week or two ago (we like page 7). But FindLaw columnist Joanna Grossman discusses whether the writers' comments on their "personal sexual preferences and experiences...emphasizing anal sex, oral sex, big breasts, young girls and cheerleaders," their doodles of "cheerleaders with exposed breasts and vaginas," or their pantomimed "male masturbation" might be legally permissible as a job requirement, justified by "creative necessity."

Maybe we've seen the inside of a few writers' rooms in our day. The talk may have turned to anal sex once in a while, and possibly even the occasional pantomimed orgies. But if it's a "creative necessity," why didn't we ever get to see The One Where Joey Becomes A Serial Rapist? We'll keep our fingers crossed for the Joey spin-off.