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Disney is blocking Miramax (a Disney division) from releasing bullhorn-wielding/Oscar night grandstander Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 911, which criticizes President Bush's actions surrounding September 11th and links the Bush family to prominent Saudis, including the bin Ladens. Way to go, embattled Disney CEO Michael Eisner! Taking a stand to protect your President! Maybe you sympathize with him—you know, two swingin' young guys desperately trying to hang onto their jobs. Sure, it might sound like censorship, but that's all the rage now. You gotta ride what's hot, even if you have to mud wrestle with Harvey Weinstein.

We're sure that this is just idle chatter, but others think that Eisner's just afraid of Florida Governor Jeb Bush (hey, isn't he related to the President?) taking away sweetheart tax breaks which allow Disney World in Orlando to keep churning out the profits that let Eisner barely hang on to his job. Those people are so cynical. We're sure that Mickey and Minnie don't even know what a tax break is, and they look so adorable filling out the tax returns in Snow White's Castle!