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In the triumphant spirit of Rain Man, I Am Sam, and A League of Their Own, Rosie O'Donnell will play a retarded woman who spends her days riding city buses in a CBS made-for-TV movie, Riding the Bus With My Sister. [Ed. note—We checked, and Rosie's character in League wasn't actually retarded, but close enough. This is a blog. Rock on.]

This article got us lost in one of our favorite fantasies: the pitch meeting that spawned the project. "Okay, it's like The Other Sister, but without any of the production values. Movie of the Week, baby. Throw it on CBS, their audience is so old they'll think it's Rosie's old talk show doing a remote from a bus. Is Rosie actually retarded? No? Fuck yeah. It's got Emmy scribbled all over its ass!"