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Sightings are sent in by readers. Here's the way this works: you send them to, and we post them.

In this Launch Day edition: Adam Sandler gesticulating wildly, David Duchovny rocking an EV, Charlize Theron overspending on groceries, Samantha Morton, Britney Spears, The OC's Mischa Barton and Samaire Armstrong, Minnie Driver, Ted Casablanca in too much cologne, Kristi "The Apprentice" Frank, Real World Vegas's Trishelle and Frank, and Tori Spelling.

· Adam Sandler this weekend, doing the Paseo del Miramar hike in the Palisades. Looked scrubby, was with a woman who was definitely not Jackie Titone. Was very boisterous and animated while telling some story.

·David Duchovny was driving a silver electric vehicle in Santa Monica last week. It had screaming "electric vehicle" signs on the side of it. One of those SUV types, but not as it is electric and environmentally friendly.

·I stood in line behind Charlize Theron at Whole Foods in West Hollywood a couple days ago. she bought 400.00 dollars worth of groceries.

· I saw Samantha Morton eating at El Coyote last Wednesday evening. She was in a corner booth with a female companion. I'm not implying anything. I'm just saying...

· Britney Spears leading an 8 car paparazzi procession into the Tower Records. They literally blocked the entrances and chased after her with cameras blazing. Through all the mayhem, still hot.

· I saw Mischa Barton (The OC) at Noah's Bagels' last weekend. She looked like she was getting ready to go out for the night at 10 in the morning. Hello!!! Stop making me look bad that early and put on some freaking sweatpants, you skinny wench! [Ed. note—How do you make those hilarious cat noises? Mrrrrrow! Yeah, that's it.]

· Spotted this weekend: a very emaciated, acne-covered Samaire Armstrong, better known as Anna from Pittsburgh, at the Aroma Café in Hollywood. She was dressed like a reject from Urban Outfitters, complete with a newsboy cap. She was alone and looked distraught—probably because she was hungry.

· Minnie Driver coming out the Santa Monica Place mall with a drink in hand, pink Juicy sweats and Uggs. [Ed. note—We don't pretend to know much about fashion, but a Juicy/Ugg sandwich? Please no.] Gorgeous, had Fred Segal bags, but what the fuck was she doing at Santa Monica Place? Ew.

· I work at EMI music above E! in Los Angeles, so I often see the on air personalities traipsing about. Coming up from the parking lot one morning, I was trapped by myself with none other than Ted Casablanca. He's a little on the short side, but his physique shows that he is quite a gym queen. I could barely last the ride, as my eyes were tearing from he amount of cologne he wears. He was talking about weenies or some such with a co-worker when he got off. Seemed nice enough.

· Recent AM at the Bel Air Starbucks, Kristi from The Apprentice was ahead of me in line, alone. She's really tall, looked very tired, was in sweats and platform thong sandals (um, no, no, no). The baristas started quizzing her about when her next public appearance is, and she told them all is on hold—she's getting married tomorrow morning. She said she's "super excited" but "really nervous" and "there's just too much to do." She was so distracted that even though I'd forgotten to turn off the sound on my phonecam and blasted it in her face, she didn't notice. No one paid any attention to her, really—it's the Starbucks where Janice Dickinson regularly performs The Surgically Altered Supermodel's Theatre of the Insane, and Warren Beatty shuffles in frequently, so Kristi's kinda low on the general food chain. But fun sighting for those in deep Apprentice withdrawal!

· Spotted Trishelle and Frank (Real World Vegas) with friends at Q's on Wilshire in Brentwood. It was Thursday, April 22nd according to credit card records. Both were pale. Trishelle seemed confused as to why so many people knew who she was. The dudes in the bar were confused as to why she wasn't hooking up with anyone yet. I don't remember much else though some (might have included me, again, not sure) walked by, said her name and then scampered away giggling. This could have happened multiple times.

· Tori Spelling recently on the Fox lot. Someone took a vacuum to her lower half and sucked out all the flesh, leaving disgusting, alien-like bones. Also, her face was so pinched, pulled, and restructured that we initially mistook her for Michael Jackson.