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A spy reports from the filming of the first half-hour of the upcoming, hour-long Friends series finale. Beware, and continue only if you want some of the details of the final episode ruined for you. We love spoilers, so we read them, and were really surprised that Chandler was deported to Mexico and Phoebe was fatally mauled by ferrets. Trust us, it all makes sense in context. Read on...

It's taken me a while to write this, because I sort of didn't think it was that big of a deal. But then i saw what NBC is charging for :30 ads! I was at the taping of the first half hour of the Friends finale (the finale is an hour long episode). The second half hour (the REAL end) was a closed set and I wasn't there for that.

Jennifer Aniston couldn't make it through a scene without crying—had to have her makeup reapplied several times. Her dad, Victor Kirakis, was in attendance as well as Courteney Cox's sister. David Arquette was on the stage floor the entire time with a video camera. NBC head Jeff Zucker was there for the final hour or so as well. Sadly, no Brad Pitt, but that's almost to be expected because it would totally take the audience out of the show.

Major plot points: Ross bags Rachel one last time. Ross is super into her again after it and thinks they are back together. what a loser. She is like "That's a great way to end things between us." The collective "awwwww" from the audience ensues. Schwimmer got worked.

The girl giving birth to Chandler and Monica's baby is having twins. They reveal this AS she is giving birth. The doctor says "Wait, there is one more." The collective "GASP" from the audience ensues. So Monica and Chandler keep both babies.

Aniston leaves to catch her flight to Paris. She's basically gone. Ross is bummed. The gang urges Ross to "go bring back our girl" and he refuses. Then he comes to his senses: "I'm gonna go get her!!!" The collective "Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" from the audience ensues.

It ends with Ross and Kudrow in her cab on their way to the airport. She drives a cab, I guess. Which is sort of quirky in a Kudrow way.

I guess they really do get to the airport, because in some of the promos they show Aniston looking back at Ross as she is about to board a plane.

It was pretty fun. But I don't really watch the show so I didn't really know what was going on. They gave us a lot of free pizza and the failed stand up comic who warms up the crowd was super super annoying.