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Do your lefty/environmentalist politics haunt you each time you're ferried to the edge of the red carpet in a gas-guzzling, smog-spewing, 15-passenger Hummer limousine, but it's too hard to cram the hookers into one of those Back to the Future 2-looking hybrid cars? EVO Limo now has a Chevy Suburban limo that runs on natural gas and emits 80 percent less smog-forming emissions than a gas-powered stretch. Sold yet? Cameron Diaz likes them, as does Woody Harrelson (though we imagine his ride could run on the hemp fumes.) But if the idea of kicking back in an eco-friendly ride doesn't seem glam enough for the Hollywood A-list, maybe we can just tell them that the limos are made in a sweatshop staffed entirely by production assistants and junior agents. As long as someone's suffering, both the environment and a $20 million-per-picture star can both come out winners.