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Banterist seems more than a little displeased with Elton John's loony accusations that last week's American Idol voting was racist. He writes an open letter to the pop legend turned Disney soundtrack factory:

Now, you prefaced that thoughtless remark with "I don't want to set myself up here..." - but you did in fact set yourself up, just as I'd have set myself up if I said "I don't want to set myself up here... but I think we should kill all puppies." The difference here is that you are very famous, and when you say things, they carry much more weight than those uttered by common people, the un-knighted, such as myself.

And so it was disappointing to read that you, the singer of a lovely ballad about Princess Diana based on a lovely ballad about Marilyn Monroe, would stoop so low and say something so un-knightly, so un-Eltonian... Please know I still love your music, and will continue to download it.