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Paramount Pictures has taken a stroll down an aisle in its archives, spun around three times, and randomly pointed a finger, thus becoming the latest contestant in the hot game "Let's Remake...THAT One!" Billy Bob Thornton is to star in a remake of the 1976 baseball comedy The Bad News Bears.

It really pains us to have to do this twice in the same day, but if the studios aren't even going to try and space out the remake annoucements, we'd be remiss in our duties if we didn't at least point it out.

Sure, the Thornton casting is great, but like the headline says, no one on the Paramount lot exactly had to be struck in the head by lightning to come up with this. Come on, Paramount, let's at least screw some poor waiter who gave a great script to the wrong producer. Fresh off a successful turn urinating whiskey all over a red suit in Bad Santa., Thornton will play an alcoholic Little League coach (Walter Mathau in the original). I wonder how piss stains are going to look on a baseball uniform... On second thought, let's stick with the original Bears' yellow and not find out.