-See Moving Units play with "Special Guests" at the Glass House in Pomona, and wonder aloud that the "Guests" look a hell of a lot like the Pixies. (Who just happen to be playing Coachella on Saturday).

-Get baked in the Indio desert (come on, deserts are very, very hot!) at the first day of Coachella. Be very disappointed when Radiohead backs out at the last minute.
-If you were lame enough to miss out on Coachella tickets or to start a family before the age of 35, check out the Santa Monica Festival, where thousands of beach-folk will congregate for "food, drink, environmental exhibits, library workshops, cultural performances, arts and crafts and a lineup of traditional and contemporary music artists." Trade your infant for Coachella tickets, it's only a two-hour drive if you speed.

-Day two of Coachella, with The Cure headlining. Call of your friends back east and taunt them with the mindblowing time you're having. Decide that you're too old for two days of this nonstop drinking and drugs nonsense and pack it in hours before Robert Smith gets his powdered face on the stage.