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Wherein we attempt to translate the humpy gabber's gossipspeak into Standard American English.

On child molestation defendant/erstwhile popstar Michael Jackson's recent whereabouts:

Ted sez:
So, Mikey has been in Florida recently, staying at some sort of impossibly chic, impossibly snooty environment called Windermere. Some exclusive job near another haughty-toity locale called Isleworth, where Shaq has a place. It's all gates and don't-look-at-me piss-ass posing—all gratis, as M.J.'s guesting it with amigos, per usual, so say local luxury-lookies

Standard American English:
Michael Jackson has been staying at an expensive, exclusive gated community in Florida. As such, it seems that Windermere's residents affect an air of superiority, as if they they don't want non-monied Floridians so much as looking at them. Jackson is staying with friends for free, as he customarily does, according to area witnesses.

Gossip value:
Michael Jackson is freeloading with some rich friends in Florida and doing a little shopping? Call us when he sets up a "petting zoo" in the Disney World parking lot.