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What's an aging actor who was once one of the world's biggest draws to do to try and kickstart his career? No, John Travolta's not falling asleep next to Quentin Tarantino's Pussy Wagon, clutching an FTD "Cast Me!" bouquet in his meaty paws. Today is Burt Reynold's turn. Reynolds has just signed on to star opposite Adam Sandler in a remake of The Longest Yard. And, indeed, the original The Longest Yard did star a much younger Burt Reynolds. Some might call this wink-wink casting, a knowing nod to cut a little of the "they're remaking that?" criticism. Some might call this money trouble. We'll just reserve judgment and hope that when the studios come calling with the Stroker Ace redo, Burt will have an ex-wife or beach house that needs paying off.