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It's a big mess over at Warner Music. Warner is suing Madonna's label, Maverick Records. Madonna's Maverick Records is suing Warner Music. Warner says that Maverick's been hemmoraging money since they bought them. Maverick claims to have turned Warner a big profit.

Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. likes money more than he likes subsidizing Maverick's write-offs for Kabbalah water. Madonna likes making money more than she likes getting sued, which takes away valuable time dreaming up impossibly crappy Kaballah movies to make with Guy Ritchie. Is there any way this can end well? Sure, but it involves Alanis Morrissette making a huge comeback, and our lung capacity doesn't allow for that kind of Olympian breath-holding.

Bonus: Lasagnafarm presents a photo series of Bronfman in his many moods.