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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is taking his billions and doing the natural thing for a guy with too much money: becoming a movie producer. Cuban has an executive producer credit on the upcoming Robert De Niro flick Godsend, and he was all kinds of excited to walk down the red carpet at the film's recent Hollywood premiere:

It’s a whole new world for me... Watching a Hollywood star take a walk down the red carpet on TV doesn’t compare with seeing it in person. Watching how Rebecca [Romijn-Stamos] handled herself with the media left a lasting impression that I will conjure up to calm myself when I’m getting annoyed by the sports media

How does he think the movie turned out? He "really liked it" but allows that "this isn’t a movie that was done for critics." Cuban steps into our Projectionist territory and predicts the opening weekend $7 million. Maybe he should start to think a little bigger. He's not going to go far as a producer wishing in the seven figures.