Steven Bochco, creator and executive producer of NYPD Blue, crows over his and former ABC President Susan Lyne's accomplishment of slipping the word "bullshit" into his show.

We received not a single phone call. Not one little peep. No letters of protest. Nothing. Zero..I thought, what a nice sign that is, that a 10 o'clock drama can occasionally access some of the casual profanity that's absolutely familiar to anyone over the age of 7.

But then things changed. Lyne was canned by Disney CEO Michael Eisner last week over ABC's continuously lousy ratings, and now Bochco's got the government cutting out Blue's patented side-titty and flabby ass shots.

"We unfortunately live in a time where we no longer have broadcasting philosophies," Bochco believes. "We have divisions of giant companies who do staggering amounts of business with the government. Because of their size and responsibility to shareholders, they're prepared to accommodate anything rather than take on the government in ways that could cost money and damage their relationship with advertisers."