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In this week's episode: Tom Cruise may be getting height assistance, and Nicole Richie looks young despite all the partying miles she's put on.

*saw tom cruise leaving the paramount lot last thurs probably for an MI-3 meeting. he was with 2 women (neither of which was paula wagner, the girl beside me told me. she saw her last week). all i could hear him say was "where's my car?" [insert ashton kutcher joke here]. apparently tom's driving himself these days and parking on the street as well? also, he wasn't as short as i expected. my boss may have been onto something when he told me later "i saw tom cruise on the lot. i think he was wearing lifts!"

*Nicole Ritchie (sans Paris) walking out of the La Salsa in Bev Hills. She was guffawing loudly (like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! with mouth wide open) on her cell phone and wearing one of those hideous
rainbow-colored, hodge-podge designer ensembles. But I was struck by how young she looked-seriously, she could pass for 14. And she's a lot skinnier than I thought. Which makes me wonder why she chose the ani Paris as her
best friend... She just looks like a short, fat cow standing next to her! Actually, I kinda think she looks more like a koala bear than a cow though... :)