Salon interviews reality TV's villain of the moment, Drew Abruzzese, The Restaurant's "intern from hell." For those of you who aren't watching, young Drew immediately endeared himself to the staff of Rocco's 22nd Street by serving free booze (he's underage) to some tarted-up chicks from behind the bar and by calling Rocco DiSpirito, the show's star, "Captain Douchebag." Abruzzese is apparently trying to head all of this off at the pass before he becomes the new Omarosa.

On what he learned from his experience on the show: "Don't insult the boss. Don't call the boss names. I shouldn't have ever said what I said. I would apologize to Rocco if I could."

On what he was thinking when he conferred the vaguely-nautical title of "Captain Douchebag" on Rocco: "What was I thinking? I was thinking he was a douchebag!"

DOUCHEBAG UPDATE: Looks like "douchebag" is the epithet du jour. It's so red hot it's even spread into the political arena, and everyone know that the kids in Washington are a little slow on the uptake. Wonkette covers Slate's conclusion that John Kerry is not, in fact, a douchebag.