Pity poor Kelsey Grammer, star of one of the longest-running, most lucrative sitcoms in television history. He of the "$15 white trousers bought during one of his monthly trips to CostCo." Hmmm. That's an interesting detail that the NYT's Michael Joseph Gross chose to share in his profile of Grammer.

Hey, Michael, do you think he drives the $350,000 Bentley that carries him from his Malibu mansion to the Frasier set on the Paramount lot when he goes on his pants and toilet paper runs? Sure, we're always hearing about how down-to-earth he is, despite the nearly $2 million he pulls in an episode. But let's not get too worked up about how he might feel a little typecast as Frasier Crane. We're sure he can drown his typecasting sorrows in another mansion in the Hills.