This weekend, if you were a celebrity who'd split from a single egg in your mother's womb, you were probably talking to a lawyer. 7th Heaven star (and twin) Jeremy London was taken into custody and released on bail after rubbernecking motorists saw him arguing with his girlfriend on the 5 freeway. Brother Jason, meanwhile, can't get arrested.

On the other (successful) side of the celebrity twin matrix, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (more adorably and commonly packaged as the Olsen Twins), apparently enjoying a free minute between counting stacks of hundred dollar bills, are suing software company Acclaim Entertainment for failing in its obligation to develop video games starring them. According to the suit, Acclaim has run the brand "into the ground" and failed to pay the twins the royalties they're due. Maybe they can take some of that money and sport the London boy some bail and a cup of coffee?