Kill Bill Vol. 2's Budd, Michael Madsen, tells that Quentin Tarantino looks as if he's finally going to go ahead with his Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs prequel The Vega Brothers. Tarantino's been kicking around the idea that features the characters Vic "Mr. Blonde" Vega (Madsen) and Vincent Vega, John Travolta's Pulp hitman.

I know Quentin wants to make it and I know he went through a period of time where he wasn't going to make it, because let's face it. John doesn't look the same as he did in Pulp Fiction. I sure as hell don't look the same as Mr. Blonde. So he was having a hard time with the concept of making a prequel. But he ran off to Mexico for a couple days and I don't know what he did when he was there, but when he got back, he called me. And he goes, "Michael, I changed my mind about The Vega Brothers, I think I figured out how to do it." And I said, "Really?" And he goes, "Yeah, listen to this." And he gave me the plot of how to actually do it.