Don't expect to see the long-promised fourth Indiana Jones installment any time soon. Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas are all tied up in projects that will likely delay the film's release until 2006. (Paramount originally slated it for the Fourth of July holiday next year.)

Ford just signed on to make The Wrong Element, another "I know that it really looks like I did it, but I'm going to run around and prove I didn't do it" thriller. Spielberg is off to direct a Very Important, Oscar-baiting film about the 1972 Munich Olympics. And George Lucas will have his hands tied destroying the childhood fantasies of an entire generation as he readies the last Star Wars prequel.

We're not holding our breath on ever seeing Indy again Ford isn't a whip-cracking kid anymore. Somehow, Indiana Jones and the Search for a Reliable-But-Not-Too-Bulky Adult Undergarment doesn't get us going.