The plot of the Friends finale is not being kept the huge secret that we might expect. Says executive producer/reputed taskmaster Marta Kauffman:

''When we started thinking about how we'd protect the ending, we gave up.[...] 'By letting go and becoming a little less possessive, it kind of helped. People didn't feel as strong an urge to let out secrets..."

Well, that's one way to handle it. All the hype can lead to nothing but disappointment. We'll be let down if Monica doesn't balloon up and crush Chandler to death during a vigorous sex act, Joey doesn't get trashed and wake up next to a cooing Ross (who through some wacky plot device thought he was "proposing" to Rachel), Phoebe doesn't develop a severe oxycontin jones, and Rachel doesn't have a tragic accident at the observation deck at the Eiffel Tower.

Now we're just getting our hopes up again.

Friends finale set to go gently into goodnight [Tennesean]