Page Six reports that talk of a Writers' Guild strike (which we tipped you off to a few days ago) is heating up. Top-level screenwriters very recently huddled at New York's Harmonie Club and talked strategy.

"The consensus this year is there won't be a strike," one guild member said. "The studios don't think the wealthier writers will care much about the poor writers who are going to lose their health insurance. But the studios are wrong."

One nameless producer is unimpressed with the Guild's May 2nd deadline for a new contract.

"My feeling is, the writers will keep working without a contract, and they'll keep negotiating until about July when they will want to go to Martha's Vineyard and the Hamptons. Then they'll go on strike. It all has to do with people's summer rentals."

Too bad the supermarket strike didn't last a couple of months longer. We would have loved the possibility of Michael Eisner bagging our groceries while the striking writers shut down Hollywood.

Film Writers Huddle On Strike [NY Post's Page Six]