Morgan Spurlock, director of Sundance documentary darling Super Size Me, in which he eats nothing but McDonald's for an entire month, enthusiastically blogs about his first press junket:

In this room of the hotel, they had cleared out all the furntiture and set up a betacam, lights and two chairs. This is where I would be for the next six hours, churning out a TV interview every fifteen minutes for a variety of media: local, national, cable and international[...]

I left the room energized and ready for my next sit down interview.

NOTE: It's hard to get tired when you're talking about a movie you've poured your life into for the last year.

He loves a press junket? Everyone knows you're supposed to carp about the repetitive questions from nobody reporters from the Akron Coupon Clipper, who are only there because of the free shrimp cocktail. Rookies are so cute.

Funky Junky in L.A. [Morgan Spurlock]