A new report shows that representation of race and gender on network television is showing all of the diversity of your average NHL team. (Ed. note—NHL teams are overwhelming composed of white men, many of whom are Canadian.)

Variety breaks down some of the findings:

*The presence of Latino characters on this season's primetime TV rose to 6% from 4% last season, and more than half of all primetime shows include at least one Latino character, but Latinos are still two times more visible in real life than on television;

*male characters outnumbered their female counterparts nearly 2-to-1; females are more likely to be ages 19-29 while males are more likely to be 30-39;# 46% of Middle Eastern characters were portrayed as criminals, while both Latino and Middle Eastern characters are more likely to be criminals than hold a professional job;

*Native American characters were completely absent from the episodes studied.

Since the story makes no mention of underrepresentation of African-Americans, we'll assume that UPN's got that covered.

The other networks are scrambling to make a token show at fixing the problem. Next season CBS will spin-off Everybody Loves Latino Raymond, and on the upcoming Friends finale, Chandler will lose his new baby in a reservation casino.

Report harps on lack of tube diversity [Variety, sub req.'d]