Like that extra, overlooked gift hidden under the Christmas tree, we discover this: "Sharon Stone Introduces the First-Annual Crest Whitestrips Style Awards", a press release for an awards show for behind-the-scenes stylists of many stripes and sponsored by Hollywood's favorite tooth-whitening solution.

"As someone who has been part of the Hollywood scene for some time now, I know that cutting-edge style and a beautiful white smile are essential on the red carpet — especially during awards season when so much emphasis is put on appearance," says Sharon Stone. "And it is for this reason why I am so excited to take part in honoring Hollywood's unsung heroes — the stylists and friends who have helped us shine on the red carpet."

There's still time left in awards season for these upcoming, improbable awards shows and their celebrity presenters:

—Rosie O'Donnell Presents The American Hydrocephalus Foundation's Heads Up! Awards

—Keanu Reeves Presents the American Sign Language Institute's Silence is Golden Awards

—Colin Farrell Presents Irish Spring's Dirty Leprechaun Awards

—Madonna Presents the Kabbalah Centre's the Merchandising of Faddish Mysticism Awards Sponsored by Kabbalah Water