Indiewire is launching its own "invitation-only" blogging community. In case you haven't heard of this whole "bloggy" thing, they offer a helpful FAQ, What Is a Blog?

Blogs [...] tend to be more frequently updated than homepages. They often offer commentary on other news coverage on the Web. They usually (but not always) allow visitors to append their own thoughts as comments to the journal entry.

There are blogs that are read by hundreds of thousands of people each day and, at the other extreme, there are blogs that are only read by a small group of intimate friends. There are blogs that treat their coverage as "journalism" and those that treat them as personal diary, and everything in between. Some blogs offer fascinating insight served up multiple times a day, while others offer only the occassional brief update.

This is sure to be picked up for the Little Golden Books edition of My Blog Has Two Mommies.

But we're not exactly sure they're nailing the concept. There's no mention of using blogs to discuss which celebrity is doggy-styling which, or whose fake tits look the fakest, or which studio executive is about to jump from the top of Space Mountain because his shareholders are calling for his head.

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