Even the scions of Hollywood's super-wealthy need a little sweaty action, too. LA.com's insidery-monikered The Insider dishes a little about the love lives of Jennifer Meyer (daughter of Vivendi Universal's President Ron Meyer), who's shacking up with Spider-man, and David Katzenberg (son of Dreamworks SKG's "K," bite-sized Jeffrey Katzenberg), who's dating Mary-Kate Olsen.

[Katzenberg] is just finishing his sophomore year at Boston University; Mary-Kate will start NYU this fall with sis Ashley. The couple immediately had something in common: David has a twin sister as well. (Word is he has to share Mary-Kate with her ever-present bodyguard, her beloved pooch and marathon sessions of MTV's "Newlyweds.")

They watch Newlyweds together? How very dear.

This is what we notice: 'Lil Katz is finishing up his sophomore year. That sounds to us like he's around 19, and Mary-Kate, as the whole world knows, is 17. We guess he's got his computer set to one of the many Olsen Twin Countdown sites so he knows precisely when it's safe for him to break up the team. Looks like he's got about 54 days to think about what to get Mary-Kate for her birthday.

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