We've often reflected on exactly what effect a Tara Reid siting has on us, but historically we are too shitfaced to recall much past a hazy jumble with a blonde in too much eyeliner, an empty Absolut bottle, and shouted reminders to the effect of Don't you know who I am?

Blogger D-Nasty confronts this problem head-on and turns it into a question of faith:

Where was the young girl who so charmed the world with her performance in American Pie? Where was that bold thespian who told Stanislavski to go to hell in Josie and The Pussycats? I know that she was in other movies but can't remember them and don't care enough to google her to find out, but where is the girl who was in those movies too? Where? Where?

Gone. I blame God himself.

How I Saw Tara Reid, Found Her To Be Haggard-Looking, and Questioned My Own Faith in God [D-Nasty]