We know that you've ignored all of the PSAs and have TiVo'd every instance of Seinfeld in protest, but today marks the start of TV Turnoff Week.

CBS Chairman Les Moonves and NBC counterpart Jef Zucker are giving us some great reasons to switch off the tube and discover the lost art of reading (which we'd consigned to three-week-old copies of Entertainment Weekly in the bathroom) by announcing new entries into the CSI and Law & Order franchises.

CSI: New York will star Gary Sinise and likely implicate at least one sidewalk-stand kabob in the mysterious death of a character.

Law & Order: Trial by Jury will update the L&O half-police-stuff/half-legal-stuff formula by devoting 50 percent of each show to cops and giving the other 0.50 to lawyers.

Quips L&O megasuperproducer Dick Wolf from the hot tub in his 24-karat gold helicopter on the criticism that TV is killing competition by recycling ideas, "It would be unfair if the shows weren't working. I think it's kind of carping to say the audience is wrong."

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