New York magazine's Intelligencer asks, "Is Michael Eisner hiding out?" The Disney CEO n e Chairman was a no-show at a recent Bev Hills John Kerry fund-raiser, and more shockingly, at the premeire of The Alamo.

The box-office disaster, which cost more than $100 million to make, was said to be a labor of love for Eisner, and he s reportedly upset by its failure. He was really counting on this one to save his ailing reputation and career, says a source. Alamo producer Mark Johnson is said to be furious that Eisner snubbed the premiere. Eisner s spokesperson insists he s not avoiding public appearances: In fact, he s attending an event today at USC.

A quick search of the USC website seemed to confirm Eisner's appearance at a panel discussion of "Embattled Entertainment Execs Trying to Distance Themselves From Box Office Flops While Not Seeming Like They're Hiding Out."

No-Show Eisner: Forget the Alamo [NY Mag's Intelligencer (third entry)]