Blogger-actress Christen Nelson encounters hatchet-faced auteur Quentin Tarantino at The Grove (Ed. note— The Grove is an outdoor shopping mall constructed to mimic the actual kind of sidewalk shopping district that can be found in any city but L.A.)

What follows is exactly what you'd expect with a chance meeting with Tarantino: a rat-a-tat critique of VIBE magazine, making a fake bridal registry at Crate and Barrel, and an orgy of cartoonish, blood-splattering violence.

Fittingly, their rendezvous ended at the Pussy Wagon:

About 60 feet away was the bright yellow Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill. He said that he was driving it around to promotional events and loved the fact that it freaked people out...He gave me his number on this weird pimp looking card and I wrote mine on an In-and-Out wrapper he grabbed off his front seat. Though I haven t called, I do have to send him a thank you note for the four pepper mills from our registry that arrived a couple days ago.

Spontaneous Days [Hollywoodlog/Christen Nelson via BoingBoing]

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