Pseudonymous, supposedly A-list celeb blogger Rance is back to defend himself against accusations that his blog is a fake because he didn't realize that Spago was no longer on Sunset Blvd when commenting on an obviously-staged Cruise-Cruz photo op.

My crimes: I had the wrong Spago—it was the one in Beverly Hills, not on Sunset. And, as previously acknowledged, I didn t know the one on Sunset had closed a year earlier. How I could have missed such momentous news?! My leading theory: I was doing something other than watching "Access Hollywood" at the time, and, afterward, never gave the Spago on Sunset a passing thought

Well, that settles it. Even our mothers know that Spago on Sunset is long gone, and they don't live in California. It's obvious that Rance is Owen Wilson, and so baked that he can't remember where celebs are supposed to eat dinner. Here's a tip: not sitting crosslegged in the snack aisle at Ralphs.

State of the Blog Address [Rance]