Muscular Raw Deal star and, oh yeah, head of California's executive branch Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged to return runaway entertainment productions to the state, tapping Danny DeVito and Clint Eastwood to help in the effort.

The Governator isn't planning on hunting down film crews in Cananda like a crazed, English-impaired cyborg. He's a politician now, and he's storming D.C. Says Arnold:

"Up until now, no one really paid attention in Washington to the entertainment industry, even though it is such a hugely successful export business and the industry contributes so much to our economy; but people brushed it aside and never took it seriously," he said. "Now I will make sure it is taken seriously, and there will be tax incentives in the near future."

Tax incentives? We were sort of hoping for some choke holds and gunplay.

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