Tom DeLonge Pens Note to Fans: "I Follow the Light...I Follow Passion"

Ah, yes. Another chapter in the quickly unraveling Blink-182 feud of 2015 has been written, this time in the form of a lengthy letter penned by deposed guitarist Tom DeLonge. DeLonge, a noted 9/11 truther and alien advocate, posted his side of the breakup story to Facebook, pleading fans to listen to the truth. His… » 1/28/15 10:35am Today 10:35am

Is Everything Okay With You Justin Bieber, My Darling Boy?

Above is a photo of Justin Bieber taken yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. Justin, is the music too loud for you, my sweet baby? Is the sun in your eyes? Are those your special blue pillows you take everywhere in case you need a break from a world spinning much too fast beneath your feet? » 1/28/15 8:58am Today 8:58am

500 Days of Kristin, Day 2: She Ate Everything but the Sour Cream

Flaubert once noted that "the art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." This couldn't be more true for Kristin Cavallari, who is discovering through writing that she believes in carbs, but only some carbs—not the white ones. On the 498th day before her game-changing tip book Balancing on Heels drops,… » 1/27/15 5:32pm Yesterday 5:32pm

Paul Feig's All-Ladies Ghostbusters Casts McCarthy, Three SNL Favorites

After months of exhausting fantasy casting blog posts, Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot with an all-female cast is thisclose to setting its leads: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are all in final talks to star. » 1/27/15 5:02pm Yesterday 5:02pm

Taylor Swift to Nick Jonas in Alleged Leaked DMs: "Are we bad kids now?"

Ever looked God straight in the eye? Here's the next best thing: the fellow who claims to have broken into Tayla Swift's Twitter account is tweeting what he claims are screenshots of her DMs with the stars. Take a look—just one peek. » 1/27/15 3:24pm Yesterday 3:24pm

Ariana Grande Loves Her Boyfriend's "Gang Bang"

What do we know about the relationship between teeny-tiny teacup pop star Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, the obnoxious-yet-appealing rapper Big Sean? We know that they like to hold hands. We know that they like to snowboard. It's all very cute. But what brought them together in the first place? The answer to that… » 1/27/15 2:29pm Yesterday 2:29pm

Multimillion Dollar Suit: Joan Rivers Died After Unauthorized Surgery

Yesterday in a Manhattan court, Melissa Rivers filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic and doctors who were operating on her mother, Joan, when she unexpectedly slipped into a coma and died. According to the suit, which you can read in full below, Rivers' death was caused by an unauthorized biopsy performed… » 1/27/15 1:10pm Yesterday 1:10pm

Judge Feels That Chris Brown's Tour Doesn't Count as Community Service

It's an exciting time in the charity scene right now—both Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown are scrambling to finish hundreds of community service hours in order to avoid jail time and pursue their chosen endeavors. Chris announced last night that he's been forced to postpone his tour until he completes 100 hours. » 1/27/15 10:35am Yesterday 10:35am

Kim Kardashian Is Probably in on the Joke of Her Super Bowl Commercial

Kim Kardashian stars in a T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial that mocks her self- (and selfie-) obsession and the perception that she's mainly "famous for being famous." These are not new criticisms of Kim, but it's kind of funny that a corporation paid her to deliver them herself this time. Does she get that she's being… » 1/27/15 10:30am Yesterday 10:30am

Blink One-Eighty-Feud: Tom DeLonge Is "Disrespectful and Ungrateful"

While Monday's predicted crippling blizzard fell short of our expectations, a separate torrential drama was snowballing out of control in the disappointing storm's wake: Blink-182, poppunk trio known for performing playground humor in adult bodies, have stood steadfast by their decision to oust longtime guitar player… » 1/27/15 10:15am Yesterday 10:15am

Kim Kardashian Says Bruce Jenner Is On a "Journey" 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight that will air this evening, Kim Kardashian suggested that her stepfather Bruce Jenner is on some kind of "journey," but she insisted that "that's his journey to talk about." She also said he's the happiest she's ever seen him. » 1/27/15 8:55am Yesterday 8:55am