Josh Duggar Accused of Molesting Several Sisters as a Teen: Reports

According to a sealed 2006 police report obtained by inTouch Weekly, Josh Duggar, the oldest son of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting brood, confessed to allegedly molesting at least five underage girls when he was a teenager—including, TMZ reports, his sisters. And his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, worked overtime to hide… » 5/21/15 5:18pm Yesterday 5:18pm

500 Days of Kristin, Day 116: Kristin Knows The Hog Butcher of the World

Kristin Cavallari claims to know a lot: she promises her debut book (due out in 384 days) will cover fashion, beauty, “mommy and wife stuff,” health, fitness, and “really just everything” in her life. Will it include facts about her adopted city of Chicago—The Big Onion—Kristin’s Kind of Town—as well? Perhaps, because… » 5/21/15 4:10pm Yesterday 4:10pm

"I Don't Like Human Beings": A Chat with The Human Centipede's Tom Six

When I posted the trailer for The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) earlier this month, I jokingly wrote in the headline that the trailer “proposes a solution to prison overcrowding.” It turns out that maybe that’s not a joke—Dutch writer/director/producer of the franchise’s three films Tom Six told me earlier this… » 5/21/15 1:40pm Yesterday 1:40pm

London Theater Critics Tear Dianna Agron Limb from Limb, Then BURN HER

Dianna Agron—former Glee star; current Pinterest board; enduringly beautiful woman—starred in the world premiere of McQUEEN at the St. James Theatre in London last night. The play was inspired by the “visionary imagination” of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and Agron’s performance was inspired by a wet… » 5/21/15 10:35am Yesterday 10:35am

500 Days of Kristin, Day 115: Kristin Starts a Cupcake War

Perhaps you’ve heard: Kristin Cavallari is expecting. (A lot from life in general, apparently, and also a baby.) The fledgling memoirist is, by my count, about 115 days into her pregnancy, which means that a baby shower must be on the horizon. What will this party entail? A reality show that she would absolutely not… » 5/20/15 4:40pm Wednesday 4:40pm

Beyoncé Didn't Really Bathe in $20,000 Wine, But She Should Have

People are apparently upset that Beyoncé dumped what’s rumored to be a $20,000 bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne into a hot tub during the filming of her Nicki Minaj collabo, “Feeling Myself.” But it is dumb to be mad at Beyoncé, because that wine didn’t really cost $20,000, and even if it did, it would have been… » 5/20/15 12:40pm Wednesday 12:40pm

Did E! Re-Shoot Scenes for Its Bruce Jenner Specials? A KUWTK Probe

In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview, rumors have swirled regarding the alleged re-shooting of tearful Kris Jenner scenes for E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce two-part special. In light of this controversy, Gawker called on an expert to determine exactly when the footage was filmed. » 5/20/15 9:30am Wednesday 9:30am

Cool Tough Rapper Jay-Z Beefing With Performance Artist Marina Abramovic

Remember two years ago? I bet you wish you couldn’t. 2013 was the year of many things, but somewhere in there it was the year of the embarrassing Jay-Z career decision to release an album called Magna Carta Holy Grail, when instead he could have enjoyed an eternity of diving into a pile of gold coins like Scrooge… » 5/20/15 9:09am Wednesday 9:09am

500 Days of Kristin, Day 114: For Kristin I Will (Confidence)

Years before the idea to write a book ever crossed her beautiful mind, Kristin Cavallari starred in a music video for a now-forgotten white guy with a guitar named Teddy Geiger. In the 2006 video for his song “For You I Will (Confidence),” Kristin plays an Ugg-wearing siren who haunts the bottom of a backyard pool. » 5/19/15 5:40pm Tuesday 5:40pm