Solving the Aging Problem: Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable

How should a pop diva grow older in public? When your career is based not so much on virtuosic vocal ability but charisma, X factor, taste, and performance, where do you end up? What is the “age appropriate” equivalent to singing standards for the artists whose output is rooted in the dance pop of the ‘80s? How does… »10/02/15 5:00pmFriday 5:00pm

500 Days of Kristin, Day 250: In Search of a Believer 

Two hundred and fifty days ago, former reality TV star Kristin Cavallari announced that she was writing a book to be released sometime in the spring of 2016. Balancing in Heels (formerly titled Balancing on Heels—Kristin’s first choice of title) now has an official cover image and a website where you can pre-order it. »10/02/15 3:37pmFriday 3:37pm

NYFF: Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson Talk Indulgence, Trash, Poppers, and Celine Dion

“We wanted viewers to feel like they were washed up, panting on another shore somewhere having just had a brush with drowning in a tempest of narrative,” is how Canadian director Guy Maddin described his latest feature (co-directed with Evan Johnson), The Forbidden Room, which played this year’s New York Film… »10/01/15 1:57pmThursday 1:57pm

The Short Life and Tragic Death of The Rock's Puppy, Brutus, Who Is in Heaven

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced some horribly sad news Monday night: BRUTUS, the French Bulldog puppy he adopted and subsequently rescued from drowning in his outdoor pool, has died. This news is not baller. It is, in fact, the saddest thing to befall The Rock in the recent history of his joyful, baller-ass life,… »9/30/15 4:48pmWednesday 4:48pm

500 Days of Kristin, Day 247: Kristin's Husband Won't Be There When She Gives Birth But It's Fine It Is What It Is

Kristin Cavallari is currently pregnant with her third child (due by Defamer’s calculations in approximately 33 days) and a book called Balancing in Heels (due much, much later). While Kristin’s husband might be around for her book party, he’s not going to make the baby launch. »9/29/15 5:44pmTuesday 5:44pm

NYFF: So Close To, Yet So Far From, The Truth About Kitty Genovese's Death

The story about the events surrounding Kitty Genovese’s death, as most people know it, is a myth. It’s been over 50 years since her March 13, 1964, slaying, and so much has been written (often in attempt of correction) in the time since. Yet in many people’s heads, the story remains as it did in the opening paragraphs… »9/29/15 4:45pmTuesday 4:45pm

Rage Bassist Apologizes for Limp Bizkit: "We Inspired Such Bullshit”

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim “Timmy C.” Commerford claimed responsibility for one of most devastating outbreaks during the rap-metal crisis that ravaged America in the years leading up to 9/11: the one, the only, Limp Bizkit. He hereby apologizes for that bullshit. »9/29/15 2:50pmTuesday 2:50pm

Chris Brown Desperately Tries to Guess Password to Gain Access to Australia

Chris Brown has been denied entry to Australia because his 2009 assault on Rihanna, for which he was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community service, doesn’t square with the country’s feelings about domestic violence. Faced with canceling a lucrative tour, Brown is now on Twitter trying to… »9/29/15 12:40pmTuesday 12:40pm

Come Hell or High Water Katy Perry Is Going to Buy This Goddamn Convent

Famous person Katy Perry once recorded a song called “Faith Won’t Fail,” a cursory google search for “Katy Perry+sin” tells me, which is ironic, I guess, because she’s currently embroiled in an escalating legal battle with a group of nuns who think she’s immoral. »9/29/15 12:30pmTuesday 12:30pm

New York Film Festival: Documentaries About Brian De Palma, Nora Ephron, and an Old Woman You've Never Heard Of

Gawker will be covering this year’s New York Film Festival with dispatches in the form of quick reviews and interviews throughout the festival’s October 11 conclusion. Our first batch, focused on three documentary tributes—De Palma, Everything Is Copy, and No Home Movie—is below. »9/29/15 12:18pmTuesday 12:18pm

Will We Ever Leave Armenia? Welcome Back to Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors 

This week in Jerusalem! Armenia wasn’t always easy, but then, the best things in life never are. This week, we follow a grinning and drenched Kanye West out of the Kardashians’ homeland and into the holy land, where Bubba is baptized and cookies are still Armenian. »9/28/15 3:58pmMonday 3:58pm