We Remember Scott Disick: Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors, a Tearful Goodbye 

When exactly did Scott Disick cheat on Kourtney? Kris Jenner is on a yacht, but where, when, and with whom? Every week, keen-eyed Kardashians scholar Mariah Smith uses paparazzi photos, gossip-blog coverage, the family’s own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and common sense, to investigate, and establish a detailed and… »10/12/15 4:10pmYesterday 4:10pm

Man and Woman Made More Compelling By Their Combined Fame Are "Just Friends" 

Rumer Willis, the actress child of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Chris Soules, the guy who used to be The Bachelor, were “spotted” together last week sitting courtside at a Knicks game. Then they were “spotted” again at the popular night club Lavo. Rumer would like you to know, however, that they are not dating,… »10/12/15 3:41pmYesterday 3:41pm

Material Breach Allegedly Causes Rift in Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s Sexy Romance 

As a result of shared physical and emotional attraction, Calvin Harris, Scottish DJ, (not pictured), and Taylor Swift have been involved in a romantic relationship since early summer. Harris’s recent, relaxing trip to a Thai massage parlor may have changed that, however. »10/12/15 10:23amYesterday 10:23am

500 Days of Kristin, Day 257: Who Wore it Best, Kim Kardashian or Kristin? (The Answer Will Surprise You)

Kim Kardashian currently stars on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kristin Cavallari used to star on the reality show The Hills. You might think the similarities between the two end there, but you’re wrong, because Kristin and Kim Kardashian also dress alike, because Kristin copies Kim Kardashian.… »10/09/15 5:07pmFriday 5:07pm

Deconstructing the Horror Genre One Grieving Heart at a Time: The Final Girls

Superficially, Todd Strauss-Schulson’s The Final Girls looks like what would happen if Friday the 13th got the Wes Craven’s New Nightmare treatment: It’s a self-referential exploration of tropes (it takes its title from scholar Carol J. Clover’s brilliant analysis of horror cinema), a genre-excavation using a… »10/09/15 4:26pmFriday 4:26pm

Victoria Is an Insane 138-Minute Movie Filmed in One Continuous Take

One night in Berlin, a young woman from Spain meets a group of local guys while leaving a nightclub. She clicks with one of them, and so she decides to hang out with the group. Instead of being repelled when they attempt to break into a car that isn’t theirs, she’s enticed. They kick off a wild night that involves… »10/09/15 1:50pmFriday 1:50pm

Stephenie Meyer Says She Literally Flipped a Table After Grey Ripped Off Her Idea

Twilight Saga perpetrator Stephenie Meyer has been working for a few years on Midnight Sun, a novel that retells the first Twilight book from the point of view of the creepy 100-year-old vampire who’s obsessed with a teenage girl for some reason. Twilight fans are fiending for the new book, but Meyer says it will… »10/09/15 1:22pmFriday 1:22pm

I Want To Die

A refresher course on Justin Bieber’s dad. He’s allegedly: abandoned Bieber’s mother, roundhouse kicked a woman in the face, harassed a fight attendant so badly that she cowered in a cockpit, thrown a dog off a balcony and trashed an apartment paid for by his son. And he dresses like every day is Halloween during the… »10/09/15 12:25pmFriday 12:25pm

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Says Cosby Rape Allegations Ruined The Cosby Show

Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show, is now speaking out about the dozens of women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. He told the Associated Press on Thursday that he’s primarily upset about the tarnished legacy of The Cosby Show. »10/09/15 10:00amFriday 10:00am