Cosby Show Actress and Writer Accuse Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

Two more women came forward at a press conference with Gloria Allred today to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. One of the women, Lili Bernard, is an actress who played Mrs. Minnifield during the last season of The Cosby Show. The other, Sammie Mays, says Cosby attacked her at a TV conference. » 5/01/15 5:43pm Friday 5:43pm

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Awards For Kim Kardashian Selfies

[Note: Some of the photos below are NSFW]: When you are Kim Kardashian, every year—1998, 2012, 40 A.D., the future—is a good year for you. Looking out over the hills of Calabasas or the boulevards of Paris, your kingdoms, both, you can feel proud of all you have wrought. Fame for you has expanded like a waist freed… » 5/01/15 3:55pm Friday 3:55pm

Breaking: Justin Bieber Creeps Ever Closer to Platonic Ideal of Ellen

It’s not a particularly “fresh” “joke” to point out the similarities between Justin Bieber’s appearance and that of Ellen DeGeneres, but if it’s the truth, what else can you do. Lie? Do you want us to tell you a lie? We are not liars. Justin Bieber got a haircut, and he looks more like Ellen Degeneres than ever.
» 5/01/15 12:40pm Friday 12:40pm

John Mayer Just a Guy Who Loves Watches

Did you know John Mayer has a multi-million dollar watch collection? Mayer, the kind of guy who probably refers to having sex with a woman as “getting snatch,” spoke with the New York Times about—you guessed it—watches. As if this guy couldn’t be more of a parody of himself—sensitive yet manly; sensual but horny;… » 4/30/15 2:13pm Thursday 2:13pm

Tattoo Artist Desperately Wants Credit for Drawing a Vag on Demi Lovato

Former Disney starlet Demi Lovato just dropped a sick burn on a tattoo artist who was upset that Demi had someone else draw over her work. Under normal circumstances, a cover-up would be a sign of disrespect, but this is a special case because Lovato was 18 and drunk at the time. And because the tattoo looked like “an… » 4/30/15 1:45pm Thursday 1:45pm

Emma Stone Wears Her Heart On a Paper Bag

Three agonizing weeks ago, we learned the terrible (possible) truth that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are taking a break from their relationship. We thought we knew it all, then—Us Weekly reported the pair was fighting “a lot” and hadn’t seen each other recently. But as with everything in Hollywood, the more you… » 4/30/15 1:32pm Thursday 1:32pm

Oh God the Trailer for the New Creepy Woody Allen Movie Is Here 

Woody Allen, still standing accused of sexually abusing his adoptive daughter, still making movies with Academy Award nominees. In his next film, Irrational Man, Emma Stone, his latest muse/obsession, plays a college student who falls for her professor (Joaquin Phoenix). Gotta love those relevant power dynamics. » 4/29/15 3:01pm Wednesday 3:01pm

50 Years Later, the Cast of Lizzie McGuire Reunites at a Bowling Alley

A gray-haired Lizzie McGuire and her estranged best friend Miranda Sanchez reunited for the first time in many, many years two nights ago at a bowling alley. Lizzie’s younger brother Matt tagged along—doy—even though he is now a gentleman with a hairline that’s not what it used to be. » 4/29/15 9:35am Wednesday 9:35am

Sandler Producers Caught on Camera Arguing With Native American Extras

You have read the jokes in Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix movie The Ridiculous Six that caused Native American extras to walk off the set. Now, you can see a video of Sandler’s producers arguing with the group of Native Americans. “Here’s the thing,” one producer appears to tell the actors in the cell phone footage.… » 4/27/15 6:35pm Monday 6:35pm