Zayn Malik: New Hair, New Piercing, Totally Loving Life After Leaving 1D

Zayny baby! Let’s rap. First you quit British boy band One Direction; then you blithely go on vacation with your fiancée Perrie Edwards; then you let some rumors fly about possibly getting married at Disneyland. And now, a major haircut and a nose piercing? You wanna tell us what’s going on? » 4/17/15 5:30pm Yesterday 5:30pm

Chris Brown Confirms He's a Father With Photo of Truly Adorable Baby

Chris Brown confirmed the concerning report that he is a dad on Instagram last night by posting a photo of his 10-month-old baby. TMZ reported last month that Brown fathered the child with one Nia Guzman. He's already taken credit for how adorable the baby is, writing on Instagram, "God has blessed me with my twin.… » 4/17/15 8:59am Yesterday 8:59am

Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Engaged? Here's What We Know

Nicki Minaj, a rapper and boss, may be engaged to Philadelphia native and rapper Meek Mill. This will be a huge win for the city of Philadelphia, as well as for Mill (AKA Robert Williams), who is 27 and seems really nice! But is it true or is Nicki just fucking with us? Let's investigate the evidence. » 4/15/15 6:10pm Wednesday 6:10pm

Harry Styles's Dick Is Big, According to Ed Sheeran; I Want More Proof

In a recent interview with New Zealand's ZM Online, singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran revealed a few things: in addition to being a troubadour, he's a cock connoisseur; he thinks One Direction's Harry Styles has a big dick; and said photo proving Styles's hung status was leaked onto the internet a few years ago by Styles… » 4/15/15 5:32pm Wednesday 5:32pm

Kim K, "Pornographic Symbol," Censored in Photo by Ultra-Orthodox Site

Though the Kardashian-Wests are comfortably back in their second home, Gay Paree, they've been given a perfect scrapbook souvenir by which to remember their tour of the Middle East. When a photo of the royal family with Jerusalem's mayor Nir Barkat appeared online, an ultra-Orthodox publication cleverly… » 4/15/15 1:00pm Wednesday 1:00pm

Kim Kardashian Is Pretty Busy, Very Hungry

With the upcoming release of her selfie book, Selfish, Kim Kardashian has been on the press circuit even more than usual (as if you hadn't already preordered nine copies of this thing). In a recurring Harper's Bazaar feature, Kardashian shares a rundown of an average Kim K day—and it doesn't sound fun at all. » 4/15/15 11:05am Wednesday 11:05am

If You Think Rumer Willis Is Some Kind of Reckless Rebel, You're HIGH

What do you think of when you hear the name Rumer Willis? Maybe you think "wild" or "extremely cool" or "rock music." But let me tell you something right now: it is not polite to judge. Rumer Willis, current Dancing with the Stars contestant and daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is not some crazy chick. » 4/15/15 9:43am Wednesday 9:43am