Justin Bieber Apologizes for Tribute to Japanese War Criminals

After a minor crime spree in the States, eternal teen Justin Drew Bieber is trying to stay out of trouble these days. Yesterday, he visited a shrine in Tokyo, a safe place where nothing could go wrong. Except inflaming decades-old tensions between China and Japan. » 4/23/14 11:02am Yesterday 11:02am

Stephen Colbert Delivers Top 10 List, Takes Selfie With David Letterman

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert visited The Late Show With David Letterman for the first time since he agreed to take over the show next year. Colbert was hilarious as usual, delivering his own Top 10 list and, naturally, taking a selfie with Letterman. » 4/23/14 1:46am Yesterday 1:46am

When Taylor Swift Goes Book Shopping

Taylor Swift was out in SoHo again today, presumably with all of the tags cut off her clothing this time. She was spotted browsing the New York section of the bookstore McNally Jackson, which just so happens to be two blocks from the Gawker office, so I walked over to get a glimpse of an abnormal person attempting to… » 4/22/14 5:29pm Tuesday 5:29pm

Now Leonardo DiCaprio Could Be the New Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic steered right into the rocks last week when Social Network director David Fincher dropped the project because Sony reportedly wouldn't meet his demands for a $10 million paycheck. Fincher's first (and only) choice to play the Apple founder was Christian Bale—so who's going to fill that… » 4/22/14 9:38am Tuesday 9:38am

Brian Williams Channels Snoop Dogg With Amazing "Gin and Juice" Cover

America's best rapping newsman is back: On last night's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon debuted Brian Williams' pitch-perfect "cover" of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice." It's even better than Williams' now classic rendition of "Rapper's Delight." » 4/22/14 9:37am Tuesday 9:37am

David Foster Wallace's Estate Is Opposed to Forthcoming Biopic

In a news release today, relatives of the late David Foster Wallace said that they are "opposed" to the making of the forthcoming James Ponsoldt-directed biopic of the author, which stars Jason Segel as Wallace and is titled The End of the Tour. » 4/22/14 12:42am Tuesday 12:42am

George R.R. Martin Distances Himself From Game of Thrones Rape Scene

Last night's episode of Game of Thrones was marked by a rape scene that broke away from George R.R. Martin's books and called into question the judgement of the show's handlers. Earlier today on his website, Martin drew clear divisions between his writing of the scene and how it played out on television. » 4/21/14 9:05pm Monday 9:05pm